Common Problems

Lower back pain, headaches, neck and upper thoracic spine pain, numbness and tingling into the arms or legs, elbow & forearm pain, tennis elbow, carpal tunnel, knees and ankles, TMJ, shoulder pain, overuse syndromes ( i.e. carpal tunnel, tennis elbow, rotator cuff, shin splints, heel spurs), general fatigue, frequent colds and flu, stiffness and decreased movement in neck and lower back, scoliosis, poor posture, forward head posture, hunched or rounded back, negative health effects from increased from nociception.

Common Causes

Common causes of the above symptoms are from stress caused by being toxic and deficient in daily nutrition, daily movement, and daily emotional state. Examples are daily work strain, work-related injuries, automobile accidents, sports injuries, long-term emotional stress, bad/stressful relationships, poor eating habits (low omega-3 fatty acids, decreased fresh vegetation, low gut probiotic), deconditioned muscles, sedentary lifestyle, overuse of over-the-counter medication, side effects from medication, repetitive injury from work or sporting habits, unresolved past trauma (car accidents, sporting injuries, household falls, birth trauma, work-related injuries, and childhood injuries).

Hanley Chiropractic Services What We Treat

Most people don’t know what Chiropractic is. Many people think that Chiropractic is only great for headaches, neck pain and lower back pain. Dr. Hanley is concerned with returning the body and mind to the normal functional state which is healthy, strong and pain free. There is not a pill for spinal joints that are stuck and muscles and nerves that are dried up and weak. The vast majority of these problems along with many others come from lifestyle choices and unknown environmental poisons. Restoring and maintaining the body and brain function as close to 100% is what chiropractic is all about. The result is less pain, less sickness, greater freedom of motion and better ability to work and play.

First Appointment

After a warm greeting from our staff, basic information is needed to help us get to know about your unique history. This paperwork can be downloaded from this web site and filled out at home to save time or done in the office. Your vitals will be taken and then you will view a brief video to orient you to Chiropractic. After the video you will meet the Doctor who will review your history and then assess the function and structure of your body. Postural and thermography studies along with range of motion, orthopedic, neurologic and Chiropractic tests will be done to objectively assess your condition. Minimum necessary x-rays will be taken if warranted to visualize the location of any spinal problem, see any complications and more fully understand your condition.

Our friendly staff will check your insurance plan’s Chiropractic benefits. If you don’t have insurance, have limited coverage or have high deductible catastrophic coverage – no problem! Our care is affordable and we have various options to help.

Second Appointment

Before proper care can be given, the doctor will need to review your findings and determine the plan of action to get you feeling better. The doctor will go over your care plan with you so you know what you need to do to achieve restored function and health. Initial care frequency and length (# of visit per week and # of weeks) to get your body in shape again is determined by the severity of your body’s dysfunction, lifestyle, past unresolved trauma, work strain/stress, etc. Just like your teeth need brushing and flossing because of sugar; your spine needs movement from long hours of sitting and other lifestyle stresses. To help you stay happy and healthy regular spinal adjustments are an important part of your new healthy life. Chiropractors know that a properly functioning spine is required for health but so are nutrition, exercise and correct thinking. So to help clarify what is good and bad for healthy cell function; lifestyle lectures are given in the office or viewed on this web site. The talks are designed to decrease confusion and to clarify what the cells that make up your body need so you can make good choices.

Teresa Peyton R.N., LMT Message Therapy

Independent massage therapists will be available in the office. Almost everyone in today’s society has unresolved soft tissue injuries and weak muscles that breakdown easily. This creates stress not only to the body but to the mind. Contact and links are listed below.

Teresa Peyton R.N., LMT
Teresa has been a massage therapist since 2003 and is also a registered nurse. The natural approach of massage therapy was in line with what she has learned about working with the body and mind instead of forcing a response. She works with a wide patient population from people that require deep tissue work to relaxing techniques like heated stones. The overall purpose is to reduce the effects of every day physical and emotional stress.

Touch of Life Massage
Teresa Peyton R.N., LMT

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