A non-irritating stimulus like light touch that results in pain.


Maintaining a new level of your body's stability through a chronically stressful/demanding environment. For example, increased blood pressure, increased blood sugar, and increased heart rate allows your body to meet the demands of perceived or real stress. The body and brain will begin to defend this new baseline. Stress is anything that is either toxic to your cells or a deficiency in a required nutrient for your mind/body.

Allostatic Load:

The extra burden or work the body and brain have to deal with in a chronically stressful environment. This is a predictor of susceptibility to chronic health problem like heart attack, stroke, diabetes, etc.


A Chiropractic adjustment is given with intent to restore joint function. Restoring joint function decreases stress producing nociception (pain and stress response) and increases health producing proprioception. View Picture


The balancing and integration center for physical, emotional and neurohormonal state. It is subconscious. View Picture


Conscious brain and storage of information. View Picture


A scientific approach to health with the assumption that your genes are designed to survive and to thrive. Your genes are not inherently defective resulting in an illness at some point. When your cells donít get everything they need and/or are being poisoned your body is stressed. You body and brain takes measures to keep you alive until you get what you need i.e. nutrients from vegetables or exercise or get away from the poison. A few examples of poison/toxins are a job you don't like, artificial sweetener, pesticides, bad relationships. This leads to early fatigue of your cells and you get some symptom. The 3 areas of focus of the Chiropractor are 1) global and regional movement (particularly spinal movement because of rich amount of nervous connections, 2) ingestion by food, air or skin and 3) emotional state. Stress is caused by being toxic and/or deficient in a required nutrient in one or all three of the above three areas. This leads to stressed cell function and less health with more symptoms. Whereas giving your cells all the genetically needed nutrients and getting rid of all the toxins produces healthy cell function, whole body health and less symptoms.


Methyl attachments around the DNA to suppress or activate gene function. These methyl attachments are changing to best adapt to the environment but do not change the actual gene code. These epigenetic attachments are passed on from generation to generation; particularly from the mother but also from the father. The attachments are not permanent and change depending on the environment. The recent environments in which the parents of a fetus are living are passed on to give better survivability to the offspring. Presently the genes for growth and repair are suppressed and genes for crisis response are becoming more active because of sedentary living, excess carbohydrates and high emotional stress from modern lifestyle. It is the fluctuating epigenetics mirroring the environment that drive chronic health issues not your genes which have not changed in thousands of years. View Picture


Made of a section of DNA and many genes are contained in a chromosome. It is an information library passed on from mother and father and is passive until your environment triggers a response. For example if you are hot you sweat, if you eat carbohydrates then insulin is made and released from your pancreas. Genes have NOT changed in thousands of years. They give you your traits i.e. hair color, skin color etc. Interestingly the mitochondrion has its own type of DNA. Medicine believes your genes are programmed for disease. This is contrary to the scientific theories of evolution and natural selection which state that the most superior genes are chosen. Creationists believe that God created us to be healthy and strong with the ability to thrive and survive. Genes respond perfectly to your environment whether by conscious lifestyle choices or uncontrolled environmental stresses. Genes do not change in a few decades or centuries but our modern lifestyle has rapidly changed. We are genetically mismatched with our environment and so we get chronically stressed cell function which leads to cell fatigue and system death. Some examples are diabetes, depression, pain and all the other rapidly increasing chronic "diseases". View Picture


A consistent state of balance (homeostasis) for proper cell function where all cells are getting everything they need for normal function and are not being polluted by things the cells donít need. Health is the normal state of your body and mind.


How you move, think and ingest.


Think Bad. A nociceptor is a free nerve ending found throughout the body but mostly found in the skin and joints. Nociceptors respond to potentially damaging stimuli (ie. joint or muscle injury, skin pinching, chemical damage from acids, temperature damage from freezing or burning) by sending nerve signals to the spinal cord and brain. Nociception usually but not always causes the perception of pain. Whether you perceive pain or not, nociception results in your sympathetic nervous system (flight or fright) running. This is your short term survival mechanism to help you run or fight dangerous events - real or perceived. This is hard on your body in the short term and devastating on your body if chronically activated. Spinal subluxation complex stimulates a lot of nociception because spinal joints, muscles, ligaments have a lot of nociceptor nerve endings.


The conscience emotional response to nociception. Remember you are not aware of most nociception information from damaged tissues because it would overwhelm your brain. Conscience pain is less than 5 bits out of 3,000,000,000,000 (3 trillion) bits every second. Conscience pain is not statistically significant. That's why for example you can have arthritis or chronic illness developing and not be in pain all the time although nociception is always firing sympathetic stress response which is breaking down the body and mind. View Picture


Think Good. The sensory nerve receptors located in the muscles, tendons, and joints that furnish information to the central nervous system concerning the movements and positions of the limbs, trunk, head, and neck. Proprioception has been deemed by some neurologists as an essential nutrient for the brain. Approximately half of the spinal cord is devoted to proprioception. Most of these nerve receptors are found in the neck and are responsible for the movement, learning, pleasure pathways in the brain and much more. For example exercise is good for depression; if you sit down you get lethargic and if you get up and move you are clearer. Proprioception/movement always overrides nociception/pain/stress response as long as you keep moving. View Picture


A lack of a consistent state of balance (homeostasis) where all cells are not getting everything they need for normal function and/or are being polluted by things the cells don't need.


Anything that is toxic or deficient to cell function.


A subluxation is a problem with an area in your spine or extremities that has been injuried somehow and not resolved properly. The joints lose their full movement and the muscles, ligaments, bones, cartilage, disc, and nerves start to get weaker within the first day and dry up slowly over time getting "arthritic". There are thousands of ways that these injuries happen ranging from the obvious accidents and injuries to prolonged emotional or food related stresses. Two things happen when joints lose their motion and everything dries up. It causes irritation which nociception nerves pick up as stress signals. Secondly, the loss of movement or proprioception (a vital nutrient for the brain) becomes deficient. Subluxated joints cause constant stress on the brain where all nerves eventually end up. When the brain picks up the irritation signal from the body and there isn't any good signal to stop it; the brain thinks itís in danger and starts the survival process. You have only one way your genes have developed over thousands of years to deal with danger and that's flight or fight which is very hard on the entire body. This is needed to survive an immediate threat. Unfortunately your body has not developed a defense for modern stresses and so the constant irritation breaks the body down. Unfortunately the vast majority of the stresses are silent or you just get used to it. Eventually, when there is enough damage you become aware of it and may get pain. Not everybody gets the identical problems because everyone has different stresses and ways to deal with stress. But the problems are common strokes, cancer, heart attacks, high blood pressure, diabetes, pain, cholesterol, depression, low sex drive, etc. View Picture


The conscious awareness of stressed cells. Conscious awareness is 50 bits or less of information out of the 3,000,000,000,000 (3 trillion) bits the brain processes every second. Lack of symptoms does not indicate health. You can have cancer or diabetes developing without being aware of a problem.


Interventions designed to supply all the required nutrients for the body and mind and to eliminating the toxins that injure the body and mind. Wellness is moving toward purity and sufficiency of cell function whether or not signs and symptoms are present.